Gordon Ramsay Asks Whoopi Goldberg to Leave His Restaurant

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay stirred up controversy once again when reports surfaced of him ejecting Whoopi Goldberg from his Las Vegas restaurant. The incident unfolded last night as Goldberg and her party arrived at Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen eatery for dinner.

According to witnesses, Ramsay appeared agitated from the outset of the evening. Eyewitnesses claim he cast a disdainful glance at Goldberg upon her arrival and muttered something under his breath.

Upon seating Goldberg and her group, Ramsay allegedly approached them and demanded to see their IDs. When questioned by Goldberg about the necessity for IDs, Ramsay reportedly retorted, “Because I don’t want any underage diners in my restaurant.”

Goldberg, aged 65, understandably took offense to this insinuation and requested to speak with the manager. However, Ramsay remained uncompromising.

The incident has incited a wave of outrage on social media, with many advocating for a boycott of Ramsay’s establishments. While Goldberg herself has refrained from public comment, sources close to her suggest she is contemplating legal recourse against Ramsay.

Meanwhile, Ramsay appears to be relishing the attention. He has taken to posting photos of himself with other celebrities like Martha Stewart and Shaquille O’Neal, captioning them with phrases like “No has-beens allowed!” Whether Ramsay’s remarks are earnest or merely an attempt to garner more publicity remains ambiguous. Nonetheless, his actions underscore the enduring magnitude of his ego.

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