Jojo Siwa Fans Express Displeasure Over SNL Skit: ‘They’re Mocking Her, Not Celebrating Her

A recent “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) skit lampooning JoJo Siwa’s transition into a “bad girl” persona has stirred a mix of amusement and concern among viewers. The segment, featuring Chloe Fineman impersonating Siwa on the “Weekend Update” segment, aimed to satirize Siwa’s recent public makeover and her comments about pioneering a new music genre dubbed “gay pop.”

During the skit, Fineman donned exaggerated “bad girl” attire, complete with black sparkles and leather, delivering lines that caricatured Siwa’s enthusiastic and sometimes controversial public persona. The comedian joked about Siwa’s assertion of being the first “gay girl” and her claim to inventing “gay pop,” suggesting it was simply “pop.” The skit also drew a humorous parallel to a figure skater joining a street gang, emphasizing the dramatic nature of Siwa’s new image.

However, reactions to the skit were divided. While some viewers found the humor in line with typical roast-style portrayals common in SNL sketches, others felt it crossed a boundary by poking fun at Siwa’s personal struggles and identity, particularly considering her history of bullying and navigating fame from a young age. Critics of the skit expressed discomfort with adults mocking a young artist known for her vibrant and positive image, who has openly discussed her challenges with public scrutiny and personal attacks.

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