James Woods Departs Hollywood to Join Mel Gibson’s New Non-Woke Film Studio

In a move resonating throughout the entertainment world, veteran actor James Woods has officially departed Hollywood to join Mel Gibson’s newly established non-woke film studio. This partnership signifies a significant departure for Woods, whose outspoken conservative beliefs have often made him a polarizing figure in the predominantly liberal industry.

Known for his sharp intellect and controversial political stances, Woods has increasingly felt disconnected from mainstream Hollywood culture, which he perceives as excessively politically correct and stifling. His career has been punctuated by clashes and disagreements with industry peers, resulting in a decline in mainstream film appearances over the years.

Woods’ decision to align with Mel Gibson’s studio is not merely a career pivot but a bold declaration. Gibson, no stranger to controversy himself, unveiled the studio last year, pledging a haven for creative expression free from what he views as the “censorship” of modern woke culture. The studio aims to produce films rooted in traditional storytelling, eschewing contemporary political pressures.

Gibson envisions the studio as a platform for narratives centered on universal themes of heroism, conflict, and triumph, devoid of modern political ideologies that may alienate audiences. This approach has drawn the interest of other conservative actors and filmmakers who feel sidelined by the prevailing cultural norms within the industry.

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