Jason Aldean talks release of 11th studio album, controversy over ‘Try That In A Small Town’

Country music sensation Jason Aldean recently appeared on “FOX & Friends” to discuss his forthcoming album, “Highway Desperado,” and the controversy surrounding his hit song, “Try That In A Small Town.”

The 11th studio album, set to release on November 3, showcases tracks like “Try That In A Small Town,” “Tough Crowd,” and “Let Your Boys Be Country.” During the interview, Aldean explained that the album’s title reflects his life on the road as a musician, traversing the country and experiencing the constant motion that accompanies his career.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind “Try That In A Small Town,” Aldean highlighted its relevance to the current state of affairs. He remarked, “The song just kind of said what I wanted it to say and kind of how I felt about the state of things right now. Why nobody in the music business will call that out I don’t understand.”

The song’s music video sparked controversy, as it incorporated footage from the 2020 riots, depicting scenes of buildings ablaze and rioters looting. Country Music Television eventually removed the video amid public backlash, with some critics accusing Aldean of promoting themes akin to lynching due to the video’s location, the Maury County Courthouse.

TackleBox, the production company behind the video, clarified that it was filmed at the courthouse, a popular filming site near Nashville, used in various music videos and films, including the Lifetime Original movie “Steppin’ into the Holiday.”

Despite the social media uproar, Aldean remains steadfast in his expression, unapologetically sharing his perspective through his music and addressing timely issues in his artistry.

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