“Breaking News: Lia Thomas’ Bid for 2024 Olympic Participation Denied by Olympic Committee”

In a surprising turn of events that left the sports world bewildered, the Olympic Committee has managed to sidestep controversy with the agility of Usain Bolt on rocket skates. Their decision, reminiscent of a scene from the Twilight Zone, saw the committee swiftly navigate the issue of Lia Thomas’ Olympic participation with the finesse of a figure skater on caffeine.

In a statement sure to spark debate and eye-rolling, the committee declared the denial of Lia Thomas’ 2024 Olympic bid, expressing fears that her participation might flood the pool with contentious opinions and Twitter spats.

Observers couldn’t suppress a chuckle at the thought of committee members frantically scouring the rulebook for guidance on managing a swimmer capable of making waves both in the pool and online. Meanwhile, Lia Thomas, donning her goggles and a dash of humor, shrugged off the verdict, joking that she’d aim to win hearts instead of medals.

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