NBC Is Considering Cancelling “Woke” SNL, “The Show Hasn’t Been Funny in Years”

NBC executives are reportedly contemplating the cancellation of “Woke” SNL due to the show’s prolonged humor drought. Sources indicate that the network feels the comedy staple has lost its comedic edge over the years, leading to dwindling viewer engagement.

Recent discussions within NBC circles suggest that the future of “Woke” SNL hangs in the balance, with executives expressing concerns over the show’s dwindling comedic appeal. Despite its iconic status, the series has faced criticism for its perceived lack of humor in recent seasons, prompting the network to reevaluate its programming decisions.

While no final decision has been made, the possibility of canceling “Woke” SNL underscores NBC’s commitment to delivering high-quality entertainment that resonates with audiences. As discussions continue behind closed doors, fans and critics alike await eagerly to see what the future holds for this long-standing comedy institution.


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