Warner Bros Cancels $10 Million Project Starring ‘Woke’ Robert De Niro: “He’s a creepy little guy

n a surprising turn of events, Warner Bros has announced the cancellation of a highly anticipated $10 million project starring veteran actor Robert De Niro. The decision comes amidst controversy surrounding De Niro’s recent statements and behavior. The project, which was set to feature De Niro in a leading role, was scrapped following mounting criticism and concerns raised by both the studio and members of the public. Sources close to the production revealed that De Niro’s outspoken views on social issues, coupled with allegations of inappropriate conduct, contributed to the decision. “He’s a creepy little guy,” remarked an anonymous source within Warner Bros, shedding light on the studio’s internal sentiments towards De Niro. The actor’s reputation as an advocate for social justice and his vocal support for various causes had initially garnered praise, but recent controversies have tarnished his image. De Niro, known for his iconic roles in films such as “Taxi Driver” and “Raging Bull,” has been no stranger to controversy throughout his career. However, this latest setback marks a significant blow to his standing in Hollywood. The decision to cancel the project reflects a growing trend within the industry to hold celebrities accountable for their actions and statements, particularly in the era of heightened social awareness and the #MeToo movement. While De Niro has yet to respond publicly to the cancellation, the fallout from this latest development is sure to reverberate throughout the entertainment industry, raising questions about accountability, cancel culture, and the role of celebrities in shaping public discourse.


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