Alyssa Milano Claims ‘Elon Musk Destroyed My Life and Career’

In a startling revelation, actress and activist Alyssa Milano recently took to Instagram Live with tearful candor, pointing an accusatory finger at none other than Elon Musk for a string of misfortunes that have befallen her. It all began innocuously enough, Milano recounted, at a vegan coffee shop in Los Angeles. Unbeknownst to her at the time, she mistakenly received Musk’s coffee order, sparking what she claims to be a series of unfortunate events that have derailed her life and career.

Reflecting on the incident, Milano speculated that the encounter may have triggered a curse of sorts. Subsequent mishaps, such as a malfunctioning Keurig gifted by an ambiguous source—perhaps Musk himself—seemed to reinforce her belief in the interconnectedness of these events. Even her failed attempt to test drive a Tesla and a missed opportunity with SpaceX’s space mission found their way into her narrative, leaving her followers intrigued by the alleged Musk-induced calamities.

Perhaps most audacious was Milano’s suggestion that Musk’s influence extended to Los Angeles traffic, blaming him for her tardiness to a yoga class due to his Boring Company’s tunneling activities. Despite Milano’s vocal accusations, Musk has remained conspicuously silent, leaving the public to ponder the veracity of her claims and the enigmatic nature of life’s twists and turns.

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