“Candace Owens Exclaims “Take Your Wokeness With You”: Lia Thomas Ousted From ‘The View’ Set”

In a dramatic turn of events on the set of ‘The View,’ conservative commentator Candace Owens made headlines by forcefully ejecting Lia Thomas, the transgender swimmer, from the studio. The clash erupted during a heated debate segment on transgender rights and fair competition in sports. Candace Owens, known for her outspoken views, passionately argued against what she perceives as the erosion of women’s sports due to the inclusion of transgender athletes like Lia Thomas. As tensions escalated, Owens reportedly demanded Thomas to leave the set, stating, “Take your wokeness with you!” Witnesses described the atmosphere as tense, with both Owens and Thomas refusing to back down. However, the production team intervened, escorting Thomas off the premises to diffuse the situation. The incident has reignited the ongoing debate surrounding transgender participation in sports and the boundaries of free speech. While some applaud Owens for standing firm on her beliefs, others criticize the confrontation as unnecessarily hostile. ‘The View’ has yet to release an official statement regarding the altercation, but the incident is sure to spark further discussion on the intersection of politics, identity, and media representation.


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