Keanu Reeves Refuses To Sit Next To Whoopi Goldberg In The Oscars “She is Too Toxic”

Recent developments in Hollywood have stirred up speculation and intrigue surrounding the upcoming Oscars ceremony. Keanu Reeves, renowned for his roles in blockbuster hits and his reputation as a gentleman of Hollywood, has reportedly made a request not to be seated next to Whoopi Goldberg at the prestigious event.

Sources close to the event have disclosed that Reeves cited Goldberg’s recent controversial remarks as the basis for his request. Goldberg, a seasoned actress and co-host of “The View,” has long been known for her outspoken opinions on a range of social and political issues. However, her recent comments on certain sensitive topics have ignited controversy and sparked divisive reactions.

A representative for Reeves stated, “Keanu Reeves is a consummate professional who respects everyone’s right to express themselves. However, considering the current climate and specific statements made by Ms. Goldberg, he believes it would be prudent to avoid any potential conflicts or distractions during the Oscars.”

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